Whether within a small group of very close friends or a wider circle of acquaintances, every friendship enriches our lives and presents us with something new which inspires us and enables us to see the world in a different way; a better way.

Ultimately, friends contribute to defining who we are and since each friendship offers its own unique qualities, we decided to take this approach when creating our Gin, making INseparable as special as our friendships are.

Celebrate your friends by sharing INseparable with them and you will be honouring the true spirit of our gin.

Traditionally distilled in copper stills in a number of selected small batches, INseparable is a carefully handcrafted gin, slowly double infused with 36 botanicals, using a balanced mix of method and art, which we call the perfect distillation. But INseparable’s true soul lies in a unique ingredient: Friendship.

Born from the passion of 8 friends, each adding a hint of their character to the final spirit, INseparable genuinely embodies conviviality, togetherness and friendship

8 friends

8 personalities

8 perfect serves

8 cocktail recipes



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INseparable is a unique gin that pushes the boundaries of taste and complexity a gin can offer.

The 36 botanicals come together seamlessly, reinforcing each other’s characteristics rather than overcome their individuality.
The resulting combination of fruits, spices, exotic flavours and wildflowers creates an exquisite spirit that reveals more with every sip.

Juniper is present, but is not as dominant as in traditional gins, counterbalanced as it is by all the other botanicals.
INseparable is truly a complex and versatile gin that perfectly complements all your classic cocktails or gin tonic. However,
to really appreciate the full spectrum of flavours, we recommend you try it on the rocks, with one or two ice cubes.




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